Marketing 101 - Marketing Yourself

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Every day we all engage in some form of marketing. For those in a service industry, the product being marketed is really you, the service provider, and this is especially true if you are running a small business or are a sole proprietor. So, the question really is how you can promote you more effectively. Here are a few simple tips which will help you get more business and make more money.

First, you must identify a group who needs the service you provide, but does not currently use you to provide the service. This is your target audience.

Next, you need to roll up your sleeves and do all of the following:

1.       Learn as much about your target as you can and not just from a business perspective. Find out what personal interests the key decision maker possesses and match them with your own interests.

2.       Using what you learned in No. 1, put together a personalized marketing effort to establish some rapport with the target audience/decision maker. They must know you to hire you.

3.       The next goal is to make the decision maker like you and want to talk to you. It’s human nature to hire people you like much more often than those you dislike.

4.       Establish your professional competency by offering references or showing samples of your work. To hire you, they must trust you.

5.       Last, but not least, you must show hiring you has value. The value can be in money made or in money saved, but you must show them how working with you will make them money.

If you follow these simple tips, your business will grow and you will reap the rewards. Happy hunting.



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