We Are Here To Stay!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Here at FREA and ALIA, we believe in good and fair competition. We are well aware that we compete with many other companies to earn your business – and that we have to work very hard to keep it. So, we were surprised to learn recently that one of our competitors has been making false statements about our family of companies, saying that FREA is closing its doors and that ALIA’s prices for E&O coverage are inflated.

These suggestions are false. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only are we here to stay, we are stronger than we’ve ever been before. In the past six months, we moved into new office space, hired new staff, begun a massive redesign of our websites, and gone national with the data products offered by our sister company (NDC Data).

It is our policy, and always has been, to earn your business by telling you what we can do for you and your business, and not by attacking the competition or pointing out what they cannot do.

So, if you get a call from someone telling you FREA is going under and ALIA cannot provide competitively priced E&O products, we urge you to ask yourself if this is the kind of company you want protecting you, your business, and your family. If they feel it’s ok to throw FREA or ALIA under the bus to get your business, what will they do to you if you have a claim and need advice or assistance?

The company that is spreading false rumors to get your business may well be in violation of the laws governing the sale of E&O insurance in many states. A company that makes false statements like this should not be trusted with the future of your business and your family.

We are here to stay and we have your back, just like we have for the past 20 plus years. We look forward to serving you for many decades to come.

Brian Trotier

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Brian L. Trotier, JD, is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of FREA and a former practicing attorney with more than 30 years experience in real estate and risk management.




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