With nearly 10,000 members FREA is the largest professional organization for appraisers and home inspectors in the country. When we ask our members why they join -- and why they continue their membership year after year -- we often hear that it’s our commitment to customer service and our track record of helping our members reduce claims (and costs!) that makes them so loyal.

But don’t take our word for it. See what FREA members have to say:

Ed Farnaghi, Appraiser

"I am grateful to have FREA who has a deep knowledge and understanding of the laws and regulations of our industry to help appraisers; such as myself."

Richard C. Vierzba, Appraiser

I have been a customer/member of FREA since 1999. Their service has always been exceptional. I have utilized their E & O products as well as their other benefits. On the rare occasion that I required their assistance or had a question regarding a coverage issue their service team has always provided credible and prompt answers to my questions and/or concerns.

David Sobelman, GreenLight Appraisals

"FREA's support team is awesome. Their willingness to share the best information, tailored for each situation, is spot on. FREA has continually impressed me with what customer service is supposed to look and feel like. Not only have they earned my business, but they are keeping my business. My suggestion… kindly support those that kindly support us and from my experience… that’s FREA."

David Denton, Denton Appraisal

“When I emailed FREA about my situation, it was really cool that they responded to me right away. It gave me more confidence to know that I am doing the right thing. Sometimes as a one man show you can feel like you’re up against big corporations, but having FREA respond to me so quickly -- I knew that I wasn’t alone in this.”

John Oppenhimer, Owner OpenHouse Inspections Services

"One time I received a threat of lawsuit and FREA was immediately responsive and supported me. They gave me the backup that I needed in contextual, legal and moral support to show the other side that they had no case. Long after the whole thing was put to bed they continued to follow up. What FREA does isn’t extraordinary -- they just do the job and do it well. These days that’s a step up."

Linda Molinari, President Prestige Appraisal Service, Inc.

“I was doing an appraisal concerning diminution in value as a consequence of a certain “event.”  There were questions I had concerning this.  FREA responded quickly with the information I needed to support my analysis and minimize my risk.  Thank you FREA for your help." 

Jack Lettow, Owner Deberry Inspection Services

“FREA just knows how to take care of customers. If you ever have a problem, issue or claim, it’s handled quickly and efficiently - and you know they’ve got your interests at heart. My company has been around for 27 years and I feel like we have that same concern and attention to detail that I see in FREA. That’s invaluable.”

Lester Oates, Appraiser

“What FREA did for me was something they really didn’t have to do. They saw the way justice was being pursued and decided to help level the playing field. FREA was able to get me answers to questions I hadn’t even thought of. They did this without asking for any money and in the process saved me money by being able to avoid court."

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